Australian Corals - Marine Fish - Live Coral Export

Oz Reef Connections take great pride in the quality of Australian Corals and Marine Fish they collect from "The Great Barrier Reef".

Oz Reef Connections have a wide range of:
Brain Corals,
Large Polyped Stony Corals,
Small Polyped Corals,
Soft Corals,
Chalice Corals,
Gorgonians and Sponge Corals to name a few.

There are a great variety of colors in the Australian Corals that Oz Reef Connections collect.

Oz Reef Connections currently supplies Australian Corals and Marine Fish to a domestic and international market.

Oz Reef Connections take the upmost care in collecting and preserving "The Reef" for future generations.

Oz Reef Connections are proud to be members of PROVISION REEF -
Promoting Sustainable Reef Harvest.

'As we make our living from the reef we are conscious when collecting coral. Upmost care is taken not to deplete the reef, ensuring it has the ability to restore and maintain itself.'
Brad Jolly - Coral Harvest Diver
Australian Corals - Marine Fish - Great Barrier Reef Coral - Coral Export

Oz Reef Connections - 2017

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